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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2012|10:17 pm]
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Writer's Block: Happily ever after… [Jul. 15th, 2011|10:30 pm]

What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

Who the hell cares?

He's probably going to sleep. That's what I do after my 85 hour weeks. I'm sure after killing Voldemort and marrying Ginny Harry does the same thing.

I was so sick of hearing, "I'm so tired today I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter...."

You did this to yourself! You've read the books and know what happens, so you can probably wait to see the movie.

Anyway, John and I are getting back to normal. Well, somewhat; I haven't really gotten out of my mid-summer depression yet, but I'm sure it's because it's the middle of the summer.


THAT'S how you make a Harry Potter writer's block question about yourself. Also, sorry about my last post; it was somewhat rushed because John wanted to watch Kung Foo Panda with me after I had written about how I sometimes let him down. I lived it up with him. We fought around the house and he made me frozen lemonade that night.

Mostly, our relationship is perfect.
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Writer's Block: Drawing a blank [Jul. 2nd, 2011|09:51 pm]

Have you ever forgotten to do something really important? What was it?

Recently, and by recently I mean the past couple days, I forgot to bring my head to a wedding. Literally. There I was sitting at this rehersal dinner, with only my shoulders and body! When someone in the born again Christian bridal party asked me what my religious views were, I told her she did not want to know. Yes, I am an atheist, but if I forgot my head, how do I explain that death doesn't really occur either?!

That caused a complaint in the bridal party that included my boyfriend, the best man. He heard that I had said this, and it seemed inappropriate to the girls on the bride's side (never mind that the groom was Jewish and they were allowed to talk about religion as long as it was with the same God and different book (but not when it's eerily mysterious but politely not talked about). After the wedding, though I had my head for all of the pictures, I seemed to had placed it down to grab a drink or two after John kept making sure I wasn't saing inappropriate things too loud. My head came on and off through the night, but mostly stayed off because my wine was a much better accessory than my head. I mean, if women can't say make jokes like all the boys can they don't really need their head to thing, right?

I had fun, but as the night rpogressed I became more and more inhibited, probably because the wine was going straight down my esophogus a lot easier than when I have my head with me. John and I got into more altercations, and eventually I ended up where I never wanted to be; losing my head again and crying during this special day. I felt I had ruined it, and I wasn't making it any better because, well, I didn't have my head.

Some of the things that John said that night weren't the nicest things to tell someone who wasn't thinking, or at all. It's not his fault at all though because I should have sucked it up for the people whose wedding it was. And maybe he forgot his head somewhere too that night.

So I drove home with his parents and he was at the hotel with the groomsmen ready to go out. I thought they would help him find someone new, because I was told I wasn't liked at all. I passed out on his parents couch, and woke up knowing my phone was dead and I had no car.

I did have access to the internet, so I found my head really quickly and thought up a way to contact someone to save me. I figured after last night nobody in the family ever wanted to see me again.

And there was John.

Apparently the Marines who were groomsmen lived up to their Marin-ey douchey ways and lost their manners by locking John out and telling him he shouldn't go out with them. He got his Dad to pick him up. His sister, who had also lost some decency that night didn't stop them. John put back on his head and realized that I, though somewhat crazy and drunk, am very loyal, honest, and would never do that to him.

So we hugged for a very long time. My girlfriend picked me up, and we went to brunch. I forgot to take my spanx off, but I remembered my head.
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Writer's Block: Showing your pride [Jun. 27th, 2011|09:25 pm]

What do you so strongly believe in that you would march in the streets to support, and why?

I'm totally writing something hilarious to answer these questions from now on:

This is an easy question: The only thing or person I love enough to march the streets for has got to be myself. I have not invested enough time into being gay, although I am bisexual. I just, don't really seem gay. The whole people's rights thing is not seen as gay as in prefering the same sex but gay as in annoying. I work with kids with Autism, but it would be a shame to put them through something so loud and overstimulating as a parade. I am a woman, and I enjoy that part of myself, but I am also too lazy to try to become 'one of those' feminists.

But I do like myself. Hell, I have a blog. That means I think that I'm important and interesting enough that people will read about my life all over the world. I like my music, my apartment, my boyfriend, and most of my friends. Because I love myself, I have to keep it mostly to that relationship and not give love to people who wouldn't come to the parade for me.

I mean, I'd attend parades for people I like; I just wouldn't march for them because I only march for myself.

(omg PLEASE take this as sarcasm world)
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(no subject) [Feb. 4th, 2011|06:31 pm]
my cat died. yes, the one i love more than people.

my cat never cared that i was crazy; only that i treated him well. he treated me well back. it was that simple and wonderful.

i am devistated.
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Welp [Dec. 11th, 2010|08:17 am]
About two years ago, a friend told me I had no motivation to do anything with my life. I was told that I really wasn't serious about a career, and that I just wanted to get married. With a degree in English, a crappy job, and while going through a really rough week, I felt she was right. I was worthless, and motivation was for people like this person who had a future.

This past week, I passed my Intermediate Performance Assessment, a paper required to student teach at Temple University. I also passed my Special Education Praxis, making me eligible to teach in the state of Pennsylvania.

The past few months I've been working at an agency that gives behavior therapy to Early Intervention children (ages 3-5) who have autism, developmental delays, and intellectual disabilities. I have four cases, and my boss is so glad I am good at my job.

Last week, I moved out of my parents house. I am living in a very nice apartment on the outskirts of Norristown. I live with my boyfriend, and I love every moment I spend with him.

I am planning to get my Applied Behavior Analysis board certification after I student teach next fall. I have a career; not a job.

I am fairly sure my accomplishments needed a bit of intrinsic motivation.
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recent me.... [Aug. 24th, 2010|11:01 pm]


I got bangs! I'm really happy with the way my hair looks. Still working out and toning up...don't judge the muscles, they're babies and underneath there somewhere :-p!
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2010|09:45 pm]
So I got a job offer teaching toddlers! It has really good benefits and I'm really excited.

It's just all this change. I'm worried whether or not I can take classes, see the boyfriend who I haven't been in love with more, go out with friends, or even have me time.

My stomach's hurt since Tuesday. Anytime I eat a large meal I'm down for the count for hours. To add to my stress my windshield cracked last night (ironically killing my stomach with a McDonald's milkshake). My student loan hasn't reached Temple yet, and my knee's been hurting.

A new job in my field is good. A new job doing more than I do now that keeps me from thinking is even better. So why on Earth am I so nervous about hating it, or doing it wrong?

I feel like nothing is good enough for me sometimes. I'm excited, but there are so many ramifications with different life choices, and I always get stuck thinking about all of them. And to think last year my big choice was between two men.

But, now I enjoy the choice I made back then. Let's hope I will with this one as well.
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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2010|09:33 pm]
So I am fatter than I was in high school.

I am extremely worried. How did this happen? I am on a strict diet and am trying to find time to work out but I have too many jobs.

I am eating 2 meals a day with one snack. I will eat breakfast and lunch, and a snack at night. I have done this for 2 days, and I've gained weight. I don't know where to turn.
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2010|10:16 am]
I don't get it. I'm trying to eat only 1500 calories or less on a normal day (because that's nearly impossible when I eat out considering most meals at restaurants are 1500 calories), and I try to burn off at least 400 calories a day running and lifting. I eat very high protein and fiber foods. I've been doing this for a while so that 'muscle weighs more than fat' thing isn't in play anymore. I sleep well. I don't drink much.

Why the FUCK am I 10 pounds heavier?

I just want to look good. Leah lost 17 pounds and looks great. I'd like to look and feel great too. I looked at myself in a one piece bathing suit, after realizing my legs look like tree trunks in a bikini, and guess what? still looks horrible!

I'm going on vacation in a week. i'm just gonna wear capris to the beach everyday. it'll be easier than worrying about all of the people staring at my cottage cheese stomach

rant rant rant!

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